The Dashboard

Every time you login to visit your chatbot, you will be greeted by your chatbot's Dashboard. It gives you a birds-eye view over how you are doing with your chatbot so far, and provides you with some hints on how you can improve your chatbot.

Here is what it looks like:

You will find 2 different panels: the Assistant and the Checklist. Let's see what each panel does!

Assistant panel

The Assistant, taking the form of a simple chatbot, will help you quickly identify the current status of your chatbot and give you hints into what you could improve to make an even better chatbot. There are 2 sections, corresponding to the 2 major phases of preparing a chatbot for production: development, and deployment.

The Development assistant will lead you to add more flows to your bot, remember more information about your end users and add more capabilities with the help of integrations and custom apps.

The Deployment assistant will help you add your chatbot to a communication channel or manage your existing channels.

Checklist panel

The checklist will help you quickly identify areas where you can improve your chatbot. It tells you what is missing to make your chatbot as complete as possible in the form of a simple to-do list of what most good chatbots should be doing.

Make sure every item of the checklist is ticked, and you will be on your path to a great chatbot!

Activity panel

Another section that's very important is the Activity page.

This page, as the name indicates, gives you a high-level overview over your chatbot's activity in the past 3 months. If you are seeing a steady increase in usage, then you are probably doing things right. However, if your numbers are stalling or decreasing, perhaps you can take some action like sending a broadcast or adding new content?

The activity panel's content is updated every night, so if you juste created and deployed your chatbot, you will not see any data. Come back on the next day to see your progress!

We trust that you will find The Dashboard quite instructive in your path to create the greatest possible chatbot!

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