How to setup a Microsoft Teams channel in CSML Studio

The installation process of a Microsoft Teams chatbot has many steps. You will also need to be able to create an app and bot on your Microsoft Teams and Azure tenants. Once

To get started, visit Channels > Connect new channel > Microsoft Teams (beta).

1. Create a bot on Microsoft Bot Framework

Retrieve your Messaging endpoint from the Studio configuration page:

Visit to create a new bot on Bot Framework. You may be asked to login to your developer account. On the next page, fill in a logo, name, description and bot handle for your bot, as well as the Messaging endpoint from the previous step. Leav Enable Streaming Endpoint unchecked. Take note of the bot handle for later.

Next, select Create Microsoft App ID and password.

You will be taken to a new page on Azure to register a new app (or list existing apps). Click on New registration.

On the next page, fill in a Name, select the Accounts in any organizational directory - Multitenant option (the reason is that you will be using the Microsoft Bot Framework tenant for your bot, which will require access to the app as well).

You can leave the Redirect URI fields empty, then click Register.

On the next page, create a New client secret, give it a name and a validity date (if you select anything other than Never, you will need to come back occasionally and get a new secret), submit, then take note of the given secret (you will never be able to see it again).

Now, go to Overview and take note of the App ID for later. After that, you can close this window.

Back to the Bot Framework configuration window, paste the Microsoft App ID you just created where required, then scroll to the bottom of the page, check the "I Agree" box and click Register.

2. Registering Microsoft Teams as a channel on Bot Framework

After registering your bot, you need to add Microsoft Teams as a channel. To do so, simply click on the Configure Microsoft Teams channel icon.

On the next page, simply click Save without doing anything else, check the "I Agree" box, and submit.

You can now close this window as well and go back to the CSML Studio.

3. Connect the bot to CSML Studio

Back to the CSML Studio channel creation page, fill in the App ID, App secret and Bot handle, then submit.

In the next page, you can generate and download a Manifest for your Microsoft Teams chatbot. A manifest is a configuration file that you will be able to upload on Microsoft Teams in order to deploy your chatbot to your team. It contains all the information required for Microsoft to correctly install and display your bot to every user.

Experts only: you can also use Microsoft Team's App Studio to generate a valid manifest.

Upon saving, a file will be downloaded to your computer. Save it somewhere for the next (and final) installation step.

4. Deploy your bot on Microsoft Teams

On Microsoft Teams (web or desktop), find the Apps panel, then select Upload custom app > Upload for MY_TEAM (obviously, replace MY_TEAM with the name of your own team).

Then, click on the App you just uploaded, then select Add.

Voilà! Your bot is now available to all users in your team:

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