Step by step guide to install a Slack channel

To get started, visit your Slack apps and click on Create New App. Enter a name for your app, select your Workspace in the dropdown (admin rights required), then click on Create App.

Go to Event Subscriptions in the left-side menu. Switch on the Enable Events toggle, then enter in the Request URL field.

On the same page, click on Add Bot User Event under Subscribe to Bot Events, then click on Save Changes.

Select Interactivity and Shortcuts in the left-side menu. Switch it on and enter in the Request URL field, then click on Save Changes.

Select OAuth and Permissions in the left-side menu. Verify that the following minimum Bot Token Scopes are selected: app_mentions:read, im:history, im:read, im:write, chat:write, links:read, links:write, files:read and files:write.

At the top of the page, click on Install App to Workspace. You will be redirected to confirm your identity; you need to Authorize the app.

After a few seconds, you will be redirected to the previous page, where you need to copy the Bot User Token and save it for later.

Next, select App Home in the left-side menu. Enter a Display Name and a Default Name for your bot and select Always Show My Bot as Online.

Select Basic Information in the left-side menu.Under App Credentials, copy App ID, Client ID, Client Secret and Signing Secret, and save them for later.

On the same page, you can also customize the appearance of your chatbot in Slack (image, colors...).

Back in CSML Studio, under Channels > Create new channel > Slack, paste the credentials you retrieved earlier: Bot user token, App ID, Client ID, Client Secret, Signing Secret, then click on Submit.

In your Slack Workspace, click on Browse Apps, add the app you just created, then start a conversation with the bot!