How to configure an Amazon Alexa skill with CSML Studio

Step 1: Initial setup in the Alexa Console

To create an Amazon Alexa skill, you will first need to create a free developer account on, then visit the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) console and click on Create Skill.

In the next section, give your skill a name and select the default language. This can be changed later! Under Choose a model to add to your skill, select Custom, and under Choose a method to host your skill's backend resources, select Provision your own, then click on Create Skill at the top.

In the next screen, select Start from scratch. Alexa will then build your skill.

Step 2: Connecting your skill with CSML Studio

Once the skill is built, you will need to connect it with CSML Studio. This step is actually very easy. First, find the list of all your skills in the Alexa Skills Kit console and copy the Skill ID of your skill:

Then, in CSML Studio, create a new Alexa channel for your bot under Channels > Amazon Alexa and set the name and ID of your skill. You will also need to copy the HTTPS Endpoint URL to configure the Skill in the ASK console later. You can then save for now!

To finalize the configuration, in the ASK Console, visit your skill's Build tab > Endpoint. By default, AWS Lambda ARN is selected: select HTTPS instead and under Default Region, paste your HTTPS Endpoint URL from CSML Studio and select the SSL Certificate option "My development endpoint is a sub-domain of a domain that has a wildcard certificate from a certificate authority", then click on Save Endpoints.

Your skill is now correctly configured with CSML Studio!

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