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How to setup a Facebook Messenger channel in CSML Studio
There are several prerequisites to building a Messenger chatbot, which we will assume are already taken care of. Before we start, please make sure that you already have:
  • an active Facebook account
  • a Facebook page for your chatbot to be associated with that you are an admin of
  • a CSML chatbot ready to go

1. Login with facebook

In CSML Studio, visit Channels > Connect new channel > Messenger. Click on Continue with Facebook to grant permissions to CSML Studio to connect bots to your chosen pages. This starts a standard Facebook login flow:
Select any page you might want to associate with the bot
After this, simply select the page you want to link to the bot, and wait a few seconds.
Voilà! You can now search for your chatbot in Facebook Messenger (it will be listed under the page's name).
Search for your chatbot in the search bar. It will appear under the Businesses section.