Instagram Setup

Instagram Business Account

The first thing you need is an instagram business account. Luckily, switching from personal to business account is a straightforward process: simply follow this guide.

Some common issues may come up and prevent you to correctly connect your chatbot to your Instagram account:

  • Make sure that your Instagram account has the Business type (not the Creator type). You can switch from a Creator to a Business account under Settings > Account > Switch to Business Account.

  • You also need to allow access to messages for the chatbot to be able to access them. Here is how.

Facebook Business Page

You will also need a Facebook page linked to your Instagram Business account. You can easily create a new page or use an existing one, and connect it to your Instagram account by following this process.

CSML Studio Setup

To connect your Instagram account to your CSML Studio chatbot, visit the Channels page, then click on Instagram to create a new Instagram channel. Then, follow the Login with Facebook flow, and make sure to select both the Instagram Business Account, and the Facebook Page it is linked with:

Also, make sure that all the requested permissions are checked:

After this flow, you will be presented with a list of your Facebook pages. Select the one that is linked to your Instagram page:

After a few seconds, you are redirected to a new page. It's done!

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