Features and Limitations


As you can expect, not all CSML components work well with a SMS chatbot, as there is no support for any visual component or buttons. However you can use all of the following standard components:
  • Text
  • Question (buttons will be added in a new line under the question's title)
  • Image
Other components will be automatically reduced to simple text components.


Each call made to CSML Studio will have a number of metadata, based on what information is provided by Twilio. An example _metadata object would look like this:
"ToCountry": "FR",
"ToState": "",
"SmsMessageSid": "SMfaXXXX",
"NumMedia": "0",
"ToCity": "",
"FromZip": "",
"SmsSid": "SMfaXXXXX",
"FromState": "",
"SmsStatus": "received",
"FromCity": "",
"Body": "Hello",
"FromCountry": "FR",
"To": "+33644648719",
"ToZip": "",
"NumSegments": "1",
"MessageSid": "SMfaXXXX",
"AccountSid": "ACa6XXXX",
"From": "+336XXXXXXX",
"ApiVersion": "2010-04-01",
"_channel": {
"type": "twilio-sms",