General information

The settings panel has a few options to allow you to configure the webapp. Each webapp must have a name, and you can also add an optional description and logo. If needed, you can also link to your own terms and conditions as well.

General information about the channel
Optionally, add a logo and link to your terms and conditions

Welcome flow

When a user arrives on the page, the chatbot welcomes them with a flow. It can be any flow, but by default it is the Default flow.

Any of your flows can be a Welcome flow

If you do not want a welcome interaction at all, create an empty flow and use that as the Welcome flow!

Application menu

If you want your users to be able to quickly launch any of your flows, you can use the menu, by adding shortcuts to any of the existing flows. For each flow, you must define a label to make it easily recognizable by your users.

Define a menu for your users
This will show in the top-right corner in desktop mode

In mobile view, the applications menu will show at the bottom of the screen and slide up when activated: