Chatwoot is an open-source livechat platform, with an online SaaS version as well as a self-hosted version. If you are looking for a livechat solution that you can have full control over, or with a free plan if you want the SaaS version, we recommend Chatwoot!

To get started, go to your bot's Settings > Livechat then select Chatwoot as your livechat support platform.

You will need to retrieve:

  • the URL of your Chatwoot instance. If you are using, it will be

  • your access token (which you can find at the bottom of your profile settings) and

Hit Save, and a dedicated inbox will be created for you!

Canned Responses

We recommend you configure a "Signing off" canned response in Chatwoot to trigger the LIVECHAT_SESSION_END event under Settings > Canned Responses.

You can simply copy and paste the text below, or adjust to your liking - just make sure that the LIVECHAT_SESSION_END is at the end of the content.

Let us know if we can do anything else for you - we are here to help.


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