Number methods

Although CSML differentiates between Float and Integer, all methods are available on all Number types. Hence, the Number type does not really exist but represents indifferently Float and Integer.

Given the automatic type inference, CSML will automatically try to map integers and floats to whichever type makes more sense in the context.


Raise the target integer to the power of the given integer.

number.pow(Number) => Number
// example
do val = 3
do val.pow(2) // 9


Return the absolute value of the target number.

integer.abs() => Number
// example
do val = -42
do val.abs() // 42

.cos(), .sin(), .tan()

Return the cosine, sine or tangent of the target number.

float.cos() => Float
float.sin() => Float
// example
do val = 12.34
do val.cos() // 0,9744873988
do val.sin() // -0,224442219
do val.tan() // -0,2303182363

.floor(), .ceil(), .round()

Round the number respectively down, up or using mathematical rounding.

float.floor() => Integer
float.ceil() => Integer
float.round() => Integer
// example
do val = 10.5
do val.floor() // 10
do val.ceil() // 11
do val.round() // 11