Gorgias is a support platform specialized in e-commerce. It is the perfect solution if you are a Shopify or Magento user!
To get started, go to your bot's Settings > Livechat then select Gorgias as your livechat support platform.
In your Gorgias backoffice, visit Settings > REST API and copy/paste the information in the next screen:
Then, in Gorgias, go to Integrations > HTTP > Add new integration, give it a name and description, check only the "ticket-message-created" event, then copy/paste the following URL under URL:
When you are done, click Save both in Gorgias and in CSML Studio. Voilà, your bot now supports livechat!

Using macros

You can configure a macro in Gorgias to trigger the LIVECHAT_SESSION_END event under Settings > Macros.

Getting customer information

Wherever possible, we are trying to pass the metadata information about the user to the livechat backend. For instance here is a demo with the test webapp: